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Tuesday 21 February 2012 - Filed under baby + G NOODLE + Littler Noodle + poetry + TV + writing

The boy MUST stop talking about the TV. No more talk about the TV dude. Can I watch a show? Can I watch a show? Can I watch another show? Can I watch a movie? No! Stop talking about the TV really. Please. No. Stop talking. I say “be quiet” a lot. Is that bad? Oh who knows. Everything is bad I suppose.

I have been having sneezing fits this morning. Something’s tickling my nose.

This guy here has a website that encourages you to write 750 words a day. That’s pretty awesome. A place to do good writing exercising and get your stream of conscious flowing. I like the idea of a point system to encourage you to keep up with it. I didn’t see what the points get you. Maybe just the same sort of pride as an arcade video game score? One thing I don’t agree with in his write up (although he’s saying it just didn’t work for him and you can’t argue with that) is he says that your 750 words can’t be done every morning as a blog entry posted with WordPress. I agree that you shouldn’t have any blocks to getting your words out but I think that having 750 words pumped out every morning in front of a reading audience is more helpful than having 750 words stashed away for personal or private viewing. If you aren’t able to pump out 750 words in front of people because you are self conscious about what you are saying then I think you could keep it private. Anything just as long as you’re writing I guess.

He says 250 words equals a page? Is that double spaced? 250 doesn’t seem like enough to fill a page. 500 words seems like a page to me. Maybe I should do a test.

I have been trying for 500 words a day here in the journal. I make it to 500 on occasion. 500 isn’t too hard to get to if you really go for it. February hasn’t been a very good example of word count though. I think as long as I am getting any words down every day I’m doing good. You can’t beat yourself up over it or get too serious. That will stop the word flow for sure.

There is a coating of slime over almost everything here in the Noodle Compound. Little dirty hands are making a smudge of things. My laptop is by the window right now with the daylight shining on it and I am in awe of the dirtiness of it. My phone is covered in fingerprints and goo.

Hold on a second. I think older boy woke up younger boy from his nap. Oh I love when that happens.

We had a lovely visit with my mom last night who was still in town for Johnny’s birthday party. They are living in Idaho again. When we last spoke of my ma they were living in Baker right? Oh wait. We did have some talk here in the journal recently about Sumpter (oh wait. a search for Sumpter doesn’t bring up any results. Oh wait. here is what I was thinking of. wow 2009?). Anyway we were over at my grandpa Johnny’s house visiting with my mom and aunt Punky. I was happy my mom could make it to Johnny’s first birthday. She doesn’t get to see the boys as often as I would like. Her being in Idaho and all.

I think that little baby Johnny is about ready to walk! Anytime now. He’s standing up now while still holding on. My mom said I was about 13 months old when I started walking. I believe K was thinking that G Noodle was 14 months old when he started walking. Did we get a record of G’s first steps? Alas… I don’t remember. I don’t think there was a pivotal storybook first step. He seemed to keep trying over and over and then eventually got it.

Oh my oh my. What are we going to do with two little men running around? Hopefully they don’t knock heads too many times.

Well I haven’t heard about the results from the contest I entered my poetry manuscript in. I must not have won. They surely would have gotten a hold of me if I was the winner. Well that’s lame. Hold on let me check. Well, yep looks like they picked a winner. Here’s the announcement. My self-addressed envelope with the results must still be in the mail. Really? Do you have to be a MFA and a senior lecturer to win these things? Are that dude’s poems really that good? I thought it was supposed to be a blind contest. None of his credentials leaked through? How is some graphic production loser with barely any writing credits supposed to get a chance at winning? Well screw it. I’m not going to enter any more contests. Well. For at least a year. I need to just keep working on making my poems and writing stronger and not worry about any of that other shit.

Well look at that. That’s what 750 words looks like. No wait… 851. That’s not too bad. It did take me a bit longer than 500 usually does. Oh wait, that’s 868 words.

2012-02-21  »  Noodle

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