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Saturday 25 February 2012 - Filed under G NOODLE + poetry + writing

We gave the cat some catnip today. He loved it. He went freaking nuts. Catnip is magic. I wish someone would dump the human equivalent of catnip all over me and let me roll around in it. Oh yeah. The human equivalent of catnip is some sort or drug or other right? Rolling around in drugs that someone poured all over me probably wouldn’t be good. I’ll have a beer now instead.

Pierre doesn’t get mentioned much in this here journal does he? Probably in the earlier posts I imagine. Early Noodle family members get moved further back in line with each additional member. No, it’s cool. I’m the oldest member and I am bringing up the back of the line. Gosh. Pierre is like 15 or 16 years old now. What an old man!

It was cold today! I guess it even snowed in the suburbs I hear.

We went to OMSI and hung out. It was pretty good. G Noodle really likes that place. It’s a fun place for kids to run around and maybe learn something on occasion. I enjoyed watching the wooden balls that you spin around on the plastic cones that emulate orbiting planets. Did I explain that right? They’re not cones though. Plastic tables that have holes in them that the balls spin around in.

This afternoon we had a little art project time. The kids and mother glued papers and colored with crayons while I did some free-writing in my notebook while we listened to the jazz workings of Ornette Coleman. Yes that does sound pretentious. Sometimes you gots to be pretentious I think. It was a pretty fun jazzy art time. I got a page of gibberish scribbled out in my notebook.

I got the official contest results xeroxed form letter in the mail today. Nope. My poetry manuscript didn’t win. I knew that already though. Oh well. Keep writing! I have 4 poems out in the universe still that are waiting to be accepted or rejected. I also have my whole book made up and ready to go on Lulu. I’m still kind of waiting on that for some reason. I think I will probably get a test copy of it sooner or later.


2012-02-25  »  Noodle

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