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The Sprunging of Spring Continued…

Wednesday 7 March 2012 - Filed under G NOODLE + poetry + writing

I just put way too much lotion on. I am all slick and slimy now. My chrome dome was dry and flakey. I lotioned up my hands neck and skull. Now the razor burn on my neck is stinging. Ouch. What a mess.

Yes. Yes. Where was I?

So hooray for spring and of course all praises due to summer. It was sunny again today. The sunshine feels wonderful.

I am really feeling the tug this year for a mammoth spring cleaning endeavor at the Noodle Compound. We have got to get this place cleaned up! This will be the year that I take ALL of the contents of the basement and throw them in a landfill! Oh my dear lord! I am feeling a cleaning! A mighty cleaning! Maybe I should even take vacation days off from work to devote to spring cleaning? I am kind of painting a dismal picture of our dwelling. We don’t live in super squalor for sure it’s just that we have 11 years of build up that needs taking care of.

Poor little G Noodle has a pretty bad cough. Man dude. I feel bad for telling him to stop whining this morning. I guess everyone feels like a mean daddy every now and then right? It’s just that the whining… it was killing me. I know. He wasn’t feeling well. I was watching the boys for half of the day. I’m wondering if maybe I’m not sympathetic enough. K is quite a bit better at showing the boys that she is concerned with their aches and pains. hmmm… Perhaps we are painting them a perfect picture with a mommy and daddy on two different sides of the spectrum. See.. yeah we are doing just fine.

I wrote a new poem the other day. It was based on a poem by Weldon Kees. My poem is an homage to the Weldon Kees poem. How do you say? Pastiche? I don’t know if that is the right term for it. I’m not stealing or copying. Using the original as a map let’s say. If I was more learned I would know how to navigate the homage.

Weldon Kees is a pretty cool discovery for me. I just got a book of his collected poems from the library today. He disappeared mysteriously. It’s true. Read this here from the New Yorker. After skimming the book and reading some lines here and there I am quite excited. I don’t feel that I am skilled enough yet in the poetics to really say I know what my style is or if I am even forming one, but Kees’s stuff seems like something that could be my style. I really relate to it. I feel like I could do that. Is that pompous of me? I sense similar themes and structures in his work that give me hope for my work. I promise I will read the whole book and see if I still think it.

Oh yeah, I submitted my Kees homage poem to the New Yorker and they have already sent back a rejection. They are SO fast over there at getting your work in and out. I feel like sending them everything I do just to get the bitter sweetness of the quick reject. I read an interview of a pro (don’t remember who) who said that she had sent poems to the New Yorker for 16 years before they finally accepted one. Wait, or was she talking about Poetry magazine?

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