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Holes In Your Elbows

Saturday 10 March 2012 - Filed under G NOODLE + writing

Not as nice of a day weather-wise as it has been huh kids? It was raining earlier. Oh actually I just looked outside and it looks like there is some sun peeking out. How is your day going? Mine has been alright. I went in and worked some overtime again this morning. Loading up on the hours.

Last night was another challenging sleep night with G Noodle melting down in the middle of the night and screaming his head off. I’m being a bit dramatic. He didn’t actually scream his head off.

So yes. I am sleepy again. I don’t remember being sleepy when I first got up this morning. So I must have got some sort of something resembling sleep last night. Now I’m learning that daylight savings time is going into effect on Sunday morning! Ick! We lose an hour of sleep! It is pretty exciting that there will be daylight later into the evening hours though. Oh yes. Sweet sweet spring.

Not too much going down really today. Work and home, work and home, work and home. Wait. All those transitions didn’t happen just today.

In other news… I submitted some more poems to some online lit mags. New (to me) places I haven’t submitted to before. Yep. I am a glutton for rejection. Hmmm… maybe I am a gluten. No. I’m sure this latest batch will all be accepted. 3 poems off to one place, 4 off to another. I know I said I wasn’t going to submit anything for a while, but I got antsy. I’ve been feeling jittery without stuff floating around in the submission universe. I think that is 10 poems out currently getting the look over.

Eh.. Who cares.

What I should really be doing is writing writing writing. I feel pretty happy though getting 3 poems constructed over the last few weeks. Slow and steady wins the race they say right? Or is that two in the hand…

All of my long sleeved shirts have holes in the elbows. It’s from how I sit at my work desk. When I am using my keyboard, tablet and stylus my elbow is sliding around on the desk and rubbing a hole in all my shirts. So what does this have to do with anything? I was just thinking that shirts with holes in the elbows could fit into my writing somewhere. I noted it here in the post so I wouldn’t forget it.

Also I want to use the image of a yellow book in some of my poems. The yellow book did this, the yellow book did that. The man with the yellow book sat down in the train station. No not like a phone book silly… This Weldon Kees book I got from the library is a hardcover 70s looking yellow book. It’s a wonderful size and fits nicely in the hands. It just looks like some sort of artifact that a character in some sort of writing piece would be carrying.

I must get to reading the yellow book. (See how nicely yellow book rolls off of your tongue?)

Someday I hope to have some shirts without holes in their elbows.

2012-03-10  »  Noodle

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