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Come on! Weather again?

Tuesday 13 March 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Gosh. Yeah we had snow on the ground here early morning. Alright already. Enough with the winter already! You had your chance man. Move along.

Not much to report here today. Mostly just chilling. Hung out with the cool dudes today. G Noodle wouldn’t put his clothes on so we couldn’t go to breakfast but Poppie did take us to dinner at the Bagdad so it worked out eventually.

Boy. I’m sleepy. Hanging out with the dudes is hard work! Harder than a day at the office for sure!

Ok. I’ve got to put the little pooper to bed now. I’ll let you guys pick which one of these guys you think the little pooper is.

2012-03-13  »  Noodle

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