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Green Is All I See

Saturday 17 March 2012 - Filed under baby + G NOODLE + poetry

Oh my gosh! Look at that beautiful lady. That was the photo for the post for March 17th, 2008. Awe shucks. I love that photo. We were just kids then! WOW week 37… I remember it like it was yesterday… oh man. Those were some sweet and tender times.

Hello there. What up? Happy Saint Patrick’s day! Are you wearing green? Yeah who cares. I’m not Irish. I do enjoy some beer drinking though. I’m Norwegian. What are the Norwegian holidays I could be celebrating?

We are having the Sheltonian posse over tonight for some corned beef, cabbage and Guinness. It will be lovely to see those ladies.

Hmmm yeah other than that what’s going on? I did some overtime hours today. That’s not getting old. Just kidding. It will be fine once payday gets here at the end of the month.

I don’t know if it’s because I have been in front of a computer screen for so many hours this month or what but I am getting really impatient. I am getting tired of waiting around for responses back from these places I have submitted my poems to. I know that’s the way the game works, the whole waiting thing but man. Really? I know I have said it before but I can’t believe that people can’t respond right away to the electronic streams going in and out of their eyeballs. Ugh. I know. The whole world isn’t as jacked up on the interwebs as some of us are. I am getting tired of that subject here in the journal. Almost as bad as the I need to post more blog entries subject.

OK alright. There you go. Enjoy your green beer.

Boy wouldn’t a nap be really nice right about now?

2012-03-17  »  Noodle

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