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the fevered visions of a sleepy monkey

Sunday 18 March 2012 - Filed under artworks + music + poetry + writing

“It looks like winter just doesn’t want to give up” He said as he stuffed his mouth full of caesar salad.

I am way sleepy. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I think it must be something to do with concentration. I wasn’t concentrating hard enough on falling asleep. Well wouldn’t concentrating keep me awake? I need to empty my mind and stop thinking when I go to bed.

I had sleep deprived hallucinatory visions at the office today.

No. That’s being too dramatic. I was feeling kind of wacky the whole day though.

Hey check out the new Andrew Bird album. It’s fabulous. Oh look. You can listen to it here. I really like it. Soothes my troubled spirit. No. No troubled spirit here today. Sheesh. He also made an appearance on Studio 360. Hey wait. that interview was a rerun? Argh.

And so yes more links. Check out Paper Darts. Literary magazine website that I think is quite gorgeous. The artist section down lower on the left there is pretty cool. Good stuff. I like that Sarah Sitkin lady’s photos.

I have mentioned several male poets here in the journal that I am into. Wait have I mentioned several? I should make a post one of these day listing all the poets I like. Anyways… I do like some women poets too. One of them is Rae Armantrout. Her poems are really great. They are often times surreal and jump around all over the place. Abstract? I’m not explaining her work well. You can check her PennSound page out here.

I’m honing in on a style and direction for my poems you know. Armantrout is part of the Language school of poets. you can read a long wiki (I’m going to read it later) on Language poets here. I like it. Maybe I will try to be a Language poet this week.

Oh yeah. I am going to hit the hay early tonight. Or at least try to. What day is it again? Sunday? One more work day tomorrow then two days off. Yes!

2012-03-18  »  Noodle

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    Don’t worry. I am also going to go crawl in a hole after the pork roast that actually sounds good with the shitake gravy, etc. Thankfully Lisa is sweet and I know she isn’t throwing it in our faces. Maybe Lisa should be the one posting what she has every night! I totally love to know what other people eat. It’s my own personal form of voyerism.

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