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Yadsruht Snow Falling On Noodles

Thursday 22 March 2012 - Filed under Noodle CLC + poetry + writing

Guten morgen! Yep. Snow on the ground this morning at the Noodle Compound. Mostly slush on the way to work. No sign of snow by the time we got to MLK. Yeah, we aren’t that far from the river here in Stumptown so It has to be a real snow for us to get substantial accumulation. Mr. Baptist aka Poppie, was yelling about the horrible snow season we had here a couple of winters ago. I only remembered it being a couple of days. He straightened me out by informing me it was more like weeks! (He wasn’t really yelling and there wasn’t any straightening out. I was just being dramatic there. Spice things up in ye ole Yawnsville.)

Enough with the lame snow already. Really. We are over it. You are just being annoying now. I’m really annoyed with myself spending so much time writing about the weather. I’m going to stop writing about the weather… right… now!

I have been educating myself in the world of poetry and poetry writing as you may or may not know. Actually you totally know that if have you read more than two sentences of this here journal as I am always blabbing about it. I decided probably last year that monies spent on educating would now be spent on the boys. I would love to go back to school and get a degree in creative writing or go to university to study poetics, but I’m just not going to give anybody my money to do it! I’m still paying for my B.S. (remember that?)! I’m trying to get me smarts from the library and the interwebs for now. I feel like I’m figuring this stuff out. I have been able to hold my own in a couple of poetry conversations recently with people who seemed to know what they were talking about. I think my writing is getting better. I might take a couple of classes here come spring and maybe summer with a couple of writing groups I have found here in town. We’ll see.

So here is a list of poets I’m currently enjoying reading and studying. Have I put up a poets list here before? Well, here’s another one if I did. I actually listen to more poetry recordings from the internet than I read with my eyeballs looking at a page.

John Ashbery, Bernadette Mayer, Robert Hass, William Carlos Williams, Robert Creeley, Rae Armantrout, Weldon Kees
Of course there’s also Billy Collins and Allen Ginsberg.
A couple of poets I would really like to like but need to spend more some time with: Walt Whitman and Arthur Rimbaud.
I feel like I am supposed to like Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot but I haven’t been able to crack those nuts yet.

I’m currently listening to a talk given by Ron Silliman in 1979 about the New Sentence (wait would that still be new in 2012?). I noticed last night (had forgotten) that I’m following Ron Silliman on Twitter. I wonder what that dude tweets? I should check it out. Hmmm… He could be reading this post right now… oooh… woooooh! boooooo! creepy… Wait, what?

I’m going to get into some Gertrude Stein and try to decipher her work also. That’s part of my investigations into the Language poets. Some of this might require someone with a bigger brain and a better grasp of sentence structure, grammar, and the English language than myself. (See look at that sentence!)

Hey, what gives with the post photo image up there? Well thanks for asking. That’s a shot of my SubMishMash submissions folder status! Yay! I have an accepted in there! One lone green in a sea of red. Getting your first green in SubMishMash is a big deal. 33 red declines and 1 green accepted. What that means is I have another bit of writing entering the universe on someone’s lit website in May. Another piece of writing has been accepted. I’ll talk more about it when May approaches. I’m very pleased. This will be the 6th piece of writing that someone has given a home. It’s a start!

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