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Yadnus Closed The Book, Grimaced, Opened Book Again, Put In Bookmark

Sunday 25 March 2012 - Filed under poetry + TV + writing

Hey there! I have I screamed out SPRING BREAK 2012 yet? Well there you go. Here you go: SPRING BREAK 2012!!
Hooray for K and the other teachers of the world that get a spring break. Oh okay, hooray for you students too I guess. Whatever. Well yes I am taking a spring break vacation too so hooray for me. Let’s just say hooray for everybody and just be done with it alright? SPRING BREAK 2012!!!

Woot woot. What is up? How is it going? What are you doing on this lovely Sunday? More words to beef up the word count. I worked most of my Sunday. It’s cool. I was in pretty good spirits during the works.

Oh hey yeah… FINALLY a TV show to rave about again! K and I started watching “The Killing” last night. Holy crap. So far we are saying magnificent! Don’t spoil anything for us if you have already seen season one! We watched 3 episodes in a row right out of the gate. It was one of those exciting TV moments when you knew it was going to be great right away. We could have watched a fourth but it was midnight and we are getting to be old farts that need sleep. Yep. We like. I remember a couple of you saying something about it before but I was a little foggy on who said what and why. I found it yesterday as one of the VERY few new releases on Netflix instant view. I am looking forward to watching more. Hold on let me find a link… No. I shouldn’t look for any links or articles… I should be happy with not knowing anything about it now. They give so much away these days if you go TV internet article surfing… Hmm. You guys find your own link for it or better yet just take my word for it and check it out. OH. I just liked it on Facebook… One of those pictures with all the characters standing like they had with LOST… You can’t even look at those though because they will make you question which characters are alive or dead or who the ones you don’t recognize yet are… OK. closed the page. Feeeew!

Oh yeah yeah… I forgot to record it here in the journal. Another one of my writings got accepted! Woo hoo! Very exciting. I am hoping that this trend will be picking up soon so it seems like I am just bragging eventually! Yep. “Two Slabs of Meat and a Scribbled Face” found a home! How’s that? I really like that one and thought it was a goody. I’m finding that my more prose-y bits are getting more play in the universe than my more poetry-y pieces. What does that mean? I’m not sure. Maybe I need to work on refining my poetry pieces and or send out more prose pieces.

One really shouldn’t write to just what they think will get picked up though. I think that you should dredge up your words from your soul, put them down on a page and not worry if anyone every picks it up.

Yeah right. It’s hard to make the “It’s all in the act of creating that’s important” statement sound convincing. You really want people to read your stuff.

2012-03-25  »  Noodle

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