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Wednesday 14 May 2003 - Filed under back 2 school

HEY EVERYBODY! I’m back. I know you were all worried sick. The ole web site was down for a couple of days. I had thought that something was wrong with my server, but then I did some investigating and found out it was my fault. My domain name had expired! For a brief moment there was unregistered and could have been bought up by anyone. Oh goodness! I would have to have opened back up with Everything is straightened away now though. Lets promise to never be separated like that again, okay? I thought I would be a little more freaked out by the web site being down, but I think I did alright. I was a little uncomfortable without my email. I know a couple of you tried to send me email and it got returned. Re-send it! One final note on the downed site, the day my domain expired on: May 5th, 2003. See I told you, Cinco De Mayo! Forever the day of evil towards Noodle.

What has been happening during my brief absence? Not too much around these parts. Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day outside. The Sun was shining and it was warm out. K, Phillip, and I went on an awesome walk. We all walked over to La Cruda, sat outside and had Mexican food and drinks. We were so hungry! I actually got kind of hot on our walk. That was a strange feeling. Phillip gets heated quick also, so you have to keep an eye on him and make sure he drinks lots of water.

I think we are going to try to go and see The Matrix, “Reloaded” tonight. Yep. Martin found a place that is showing it before Thursday. It looks like it will be pretty entertaining. Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and others were talking about the movie on Charlie Rose last night. They sure were talking it up big. I guess that’s what they are suppose to do. They were saying that these movies will forever change the way we view cinema. They also said things like it’s as important a trilogy as the Star Wars movies. Do you think so? I don’t know, those are awfully strong statement. Most of the interview turned into a love fest for the directors who weren’t there, the Wachowski bothers. Is Reloaded getting bad reviews? I’m looking at review now for my spelling check and it doesn’t look very favorable to the movie. Hold on, I’ll stop reading it now.

For those of you worried about my broken Radiohead CD situation, worry no more. I safely loaded it onto the computer and it still plays in a couple of my players without skipping. I think that this CD will forever change the way we view cinema, and it’s as important an album as the Star Wars trilogies. What? No it’s really good. It may be a little too early to pick a summer album, but this might be it. K thinks that it isn’t fun enough to be a summer album. She thinks it’s more of a winter CD. It is pretty dark.

I have to go in and meet with the multimedia department head today and figure out my summer schedule. I should probably sit down here before going to the school and figure out what classes I want to take. I should try to take courses that aren’t too difficult for me. It might be hard to focus sitting in a classroom with all of the summer fun going on all around me.

After my meeting, I MUST hit the books. If I’m not careful it’s going to be Sunday again and I will be asking myself why I hadn’t done my math homework yet. I really must study for my html test tomorrow also. Oh god, that’s going to suck if I stay up late watching the Matrix then go in to take a test the next morning. Another thing I have to do today is get a grip on our bill crisis here in the Noodle compound. Things in the financial world here are absolutely out of control. Argh! Okay, deep breaths, it’s okay, breath, you’ll be fine. Calm down. Remember your blood pressure.

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