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Phillip and his crazy rash

Friday 16 May 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Oh my gosh! I am so tired this morning! We decided to take Phillip into the pet emergency at 1 in the morning. He’s okay people, don’t freak out. Phillip had a crazy rash that was turning into huge welts last night, making his body swell up in bumps everywhere. We think he rolled around in something he was allergic to on our wonderful walk the other day or he ate something that was bad for him. God people, pets! Well we took him in, they gave him some medicine, gave him some steroids and the bumps shrank. Now I am tired. I’ve got school this morning! At least the weekend is almost here huh?

We didn’t see the Matrix on Wednesday after all. Decided it wasn’t financially prudent at that time. We were right. How was it though, people? K and I will probably try to sneak in without paying or call in a favor from our movie guy. Oh well.

Not much going on. School in about an hour and a half. Must go get ready. I need to shave my beard off. It’s really itching me. I hope I don’t fall asleep in the middle and accidently slip and slit my throat open. School went pretty well this week. I think my html test yesterday went good. I’m learning quite a bit in that class. Today should be a pretty mellow school day. I just have to stay awake or at least appear to look like I am awake.

People, I really need to get a part time job unfortunately. Have you guys and gals heard of anything? I did quite an extensive search yesterday with my standards totally lowered and I still didn’t see anything promising. Maybe I’ll go check the student board at the school again today. They don’t seem to be updating it though. I’m almost to the point where I will do about anything for some extra dough. Sucks!

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