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looking to ’96 and ’97 for excitement

Saturday 17 May 2003 - Filed under back 2 school

Good morning! I am doing much better today than I was yesterday morning. I actually got some rest last night! Phillip is doing good once again. His giant welts are all gone now. Crazy. You know, Bostons as a breed are generally allergic to onions. I wonder if Phillip got a hold of some onions while we were eating at La Cruda? If that’s the case, then no more onions for that guy. Ah yes, a good morning. I’ve got a fresh cup of coffee here now and I am ready to take on the day.

Okay, where to begin. Well, it’s Saturday. It’s the weekend. That’s a good thing. I have a couple of assignments to work on this weekend, but nothing too demanding. You all would be quite proud of me. I actually did some math homework on Wednesday instead of Sunday this week. I still have quite a bit more that I could do with it though. I don’t have too many chores to do today. That’s nice. I do have to get some bills in the mail today though. That’s not too nice. I think the first order of business today is to get the print version of the Transmission West project finally finished up. I just have a couple wires left to connect and then Eugene should be able to slap it down on the press and go to town.

Oh yes, I figured out the next competition I am going to enter. I am going to enter the Canon Digital Creators Contest 2003.This one is going to be tough. I think that it is open to everyone, not just students. The grand prize is 20,000 dollars. Wouldn’t that be nice. I’ll probably enter the illustration category again. I really need to get going on my photography work, animation work, and flash work so I can enter more categories. I have an idea already for my entry I think. Whatever I do end up doing is really going to have to kick ass for me to compete. I really have to up the ante this time. I need to win some of these competitions. The deadline for the Canon contest isn’t until September 24th, so that gives me quite a bit of time to do something really great.

I was staring at the walls the other day and my eyes roamed over the titles of the books I have sitting on the bookshelf here in the laboratory. I have quite the collection of interesting design and multimedia books starting to stack up. I must have had lots of money for book buying way back in ’96 and ’97 because that’s the date on most of these books. Boy those were the days. I took a book on graphic design and digital media to school with me yesterday to read between classes. Man, it was so good! The ideas and concepts in the book reminded me why I like all things digital and gave me a new zeal and excitement for this crap again. I went on Amazon to see if they had an updated version of the book and they didn’t. I did find a book by Hillman Curtis about process and inspiration that looks pretty amazing. I remember holding it in my hands and thumbing through it the other day but I can’t remember where I was. It’s cool on Amazon now they have like 8 pages of the books that you can read to get a taste of what it is about.

Oh, got to run. K needs a ride to work now.

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