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Monday 19 May 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Oh yes. Monday morning once again. I think the weekend wasn’t long enough. Argh. Well I guess Monday will be over before I know it. It looks like today may be a nice day. Yesterday was pretty nice. It was fairly sunny most of the day. The Sun is shining right now. I think that if it stays sunny like this, I will mow the lawn this afternoon between classes. It’s not too tall right now, I just want to get it before it gets too tall and thick like last week.

How was your weekend? Ours was good. We went and saw the Matrix Reloaded yesterday afternoon. Yeah. I’m not sure if I liked it or not. It was okay. It was a very hyper movie. We did talk about it quite a bit afterwards which is often good when a movie can get you doing that. We were wondering actually about the state of cinema. One day soon, if it hasn’t already happened, they will make a movie that is entirely action sequences and special effects with no story. Yeah my feelings about the Matrix are strange. I may have to go see it again to figure out what I think. I do think that has been way to hyped by everybody and my expectations were pretty high. At one point during the beginning, I thought the movie was kind of boring and then at the end I was thinking it was too much and I was over stimulated. Both ends of the spectrum. The effects were definitely spectacular. They didn’t blend them with the story very well though. The story clunked along and then everything stopped, the music started up and there was a 15 minute special effects fight sequence thrown in. Then the story would clunk along some more and then the loud music would start up and a giant battle on a freeway happened for some reason. Yeah, I’ll probably go see it again though, so I guess they won.

People, it pains me to no end that the season finale of the Simpsons was last night! The season can’t be over already! It just started. The season enders were okay. They haven’t done any season cliff hangers on the Simpsons since the “Who shot Mr. Burns” episodes. I wish they would do something like that again. Gosh, now I have to wait all summer and way into the fall before I can see some new episodes.

The season finale of 24 is tomorrow. The final hour of the 24 hours. That was a pretty good show this season. It sure was over the top quite a few times. Other than that I think that’s it for our TV viewing season. Now we can get on with our lives and get out in the great outdoors.

Oh yeah, I meant to comment on this last week. I can’t believe I am admitting to watching this but did you notice the song that started up when Joey finally decided to go up to Rachell’s hotel room and bed her on the Friends season finale? It was Interpol! Ha ha Interpol was on Friends. What does that do to your alterna-cred? It can’t be good for it. Wait a second what does that do to your web-cred, talking about Friends in your journal? Oops. Uh yeah, never mind.

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