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Friday 13 April 2012 - Filed under G NOODLE + poetry + writing

Hey there. On the bus again. Hooray! Today is Friday! Not like that fake Friday yesterday. The bus is kind of crowded this morning. I thought I was going to be late because I spent so much time looking for bus ticket change in pockets and purses at the house. I scraped together enough money don’t worry. I’ll buy my usual 10 tickets when I get to the MAX station. Despite the change scrounging, it still looks like I am on time. This bus driver might be a tad behind. With the Morrison bridge now fixed it’s hard to figure out the bus route times. Had got used to the reroute. Looks like MAX is still on the same times… hold on. I’ve got to run… aah yeah. I made it. I ran and caught the yellow line… let me catch my breath. It is pretty morning here in Portland. Light out. No rain. Dry. Maybe a sunny day in the works? I snapped a photo of the waterfront. I was hoping to catch the trees with the pink blossoms. Too late. Looks like the are already turning brown. Or is that green? OK. Got my bus tickets after exiting the MAX. Yep. It is going to be a lovely day. Not too cold out. Crisp. Is it alight to drink a Coke this early in the morning? Aah! So refreshing. I should drink a Coke every morning. Maybe it was the 3 block run to the MAX that made me thirsty. Got the coffee made at the office. Hold while I go get a cup. mmmm Coffee. Coffee and Coke. Starting off the more with a lovely caffeine two punch. Or is that called a double punch? Who knows. Oh Wait. It’s called a one – two punch. Duh. Oh man! The sun is shining out there. Too bad I will be locked away in the darkness of my cubicle. Speaking of… I need to get started. Get some good work done today. Hopefully today speeds by. I have tomorrow off. A certain somebody has a birthday tomorrow! Today I’m going to try to find some Frank O’Hara poems to listen to while I work. He’s the poet I’m investigating now. I bumped into this clip of Don Draper reading from “Meditations in an Emergency” and loved it. Must be the way John Hamm’s voice sounds reading it. I first saw that Mad Man episode featuring that poem before I knew anything about Frank O’Hara so it blew right past me. I should see if they have “Meditation in an Emergency” at the library. The Rae Armantrout book I put on hold is in at the library too so I should pick that bad boy up. I was looking at the iBookstore for K’s iPad briefly yesterday. I should check out my poets and see what kind of books they have available. Uh oh. I just heard someone say it… It’s Friday the 13th! OK. I’m outta here. Keep my head down and bust through the work day.

2012-04-13  »  Noodle

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