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Marty’s Malicious Monday

Monday 16 April 2012 - Filed under Mondays

Word up? From whence goeth the day to where and hence forth never again beloved wench.

Yeah I don’t know.

I’m really getting upset with little boys who don’t stay in bed when it’s bedtime and sneak up behind daddy and read over his shoulder when he’s typing up his blog post.

My most famous line this year has been… yep not much to report here today…

Today we had ourselves a Monday. It was fine. I worked hard today at the ole office. I gots to stop doing that. Working hard is hard.

I’m sleepy again.

I think I’m going to stop doing everything when I turn 40 later this year. No more drinking. No more coffee. No more coffee. No more red meat. No more stem cell eatings. No more everything.

I’m going to just sit quietly in the corner on a mat and chant.

Wow I said no more coffee twice up there.

Maybe instead of stopping everything I could just practice the whole “everything in moderation” fad.

I’m not very good at moderation.

2012-04-16  »  Noodle

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