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the Sun’s warming rays

Sunday 8 June 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Good Sunday morning to you kids once more! How are you doing this lovely morning? I’m doing okay. I have to go get some microwaved, leftover coffee to help wake me up. Oh, one note, the parade that took place yesterday is called the Grand Floral Parade. I think I called it the Rose Parade. I guess that K has been to several of them. Her mom use to work at a place that was on the parade route, so they could set their chairs out early. Oh yes sweet, sweet coffee.

We are going to have another beautiful day out there again! Each day has been getting a few degrees cooler. It feels just perfect right now. This week has just been gorgeous. I think I was really in need of the Sun’s warming rays. I was feeling awfully grey. This morning I am going to go out and sweep the font sidewalk before it gets too warm out. That dang holly tree has been dropping mountains of leaves down all over everything in the front yard. I’ve got to clean that stuff up. It looks messy. I’m going to get it all cleaned up and by this evening it will all be back, piled up. Man, I am looking out the window right now and think that It would be a perfect time to sweep up those leaves. I should hurry up here and get out there.

The new Radiohead CD “Hail to the Thief” will be released on Tuesday. Everyone should run out and get it! You will love it! Hopefully I didn’t talk it up too much here, so that your expectations are too high. You’ll get it and be like, “Well, I guess it’s alright, but what the Hell was Noodle talking about? This isn’t the best CD ever recorded since the beginning of time.” I had a few beers and gave a long seminar about the fine points of the album last night. I saw the video for the song “There, There” yesterday. It was pretty darn good. Thom turns into a tree at the end that kind of looks like the tree that I drew for the Transmission West piece.

Today I have a two page essay to write for math and a poster for my image manipulation class to finish. I’m going write my essay on the topic of math anxiety and investigate what I think I have which is math annoyance. Maybe when I’m done writing it, I will publish it here on the web so you all can read it.

Oh man! We forgot to turn the radio on and listen to This American Life. It’s half over right now. Oh that’s cool, they are playing one of the live tour shows, one of which was done in Portland.

I listened to quite a few hours of music on the internet yesterday. Gosh there sure is some good stuff out there. What the heck did we listen to before the internet? It has been so long since I have listened to any music on the classic radio. Oh my gosh, the last time I listened to broadcast radio was when I was working at adidas. Not only did I not recognize any of the lame tunes, but about 80 percent of what was on was loud obnoxious advertisements. That internet radio is a great way to discover bands and music you would have never have discovered on the standard radio. The band I am now interested in investigating more is called, “Broken Social Scene”. They have a couple of songs that I heard that I really liked.

Well kids, I think I am going to go out and sweep now.

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