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3 day Oregon Summer

Tuesday 10 June 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

It looks like the heat wave is officially over now! It’s cooler and a bit overcast this morning. I bet it will only get into the mid 70s today. That’s it. You just witnessed an Oregon summer. 3 days of hot sunshine. Oh my goodness! Since we last spoke, I left it with you thinking I was going to go sweep up some leaves. Boy, if that were only the case. Once I got out there I decided that the holly tree needed to be pruned. I cut down hundreds of branches. It took me most of the day! Now the holly tree is trimmed up 4 or 5 feet higher and more light is able to get into the front. It looks good. I may have to do some touch up here and there though. I need to get out there and mow the lawn. If not today then for sure tomorrow.

I’m bachin’ it this week! Home alone with the cat and the dog. K has left for Arizona with Mr. Baptist. They are taking a truck load for the first leg of the move to Arizona. Ms. Bee has already been there for a couple of weeks. I can’t believe those two, Mr. Baptist and Ms. Bee, will be living so far away from us! Poor little K is going to be hot on her trip. It’s like 150 degrees there right now. Drink lots of water! They will be stopping in Las Vegas, so lets all pray that K hits the jackpot. She’ll be back home on Sunday. Until then I will be cold, hungry, tired and lonely.

So what’s a handsome, hip, young dude like me going to do in the meantime? Well for starters this morning, I’m going off to take a drug test. Yeah that sounds like a crap load of fun huh? I have to take one because adidas came calling for me to go back to work for a day and my records needed to be updated. Drug tests! How is that any of their business? Oh well, I guess I’ll do what it takes to make the money. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass it anyway. Still though, what a pain in the ass. Drug tests and paperwork for one day of work.

After that’s taken care of I will be snuggling up to the books and computer for more work on my final projects and studying. Yesterday was such a nice day of school. Only one more Monday! The weight is being lifted as one by one each class winds up. I am quite happy because it looks like I am going to pass my math class! Hooray! Oh that is so good for me. All of the other classes are looking good also.

I better go pee in a cup now. Bye bye.

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