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Wednesday 11 June 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

I have been doing quite a bit of napping while K has been away. I don’t know why I have been so sleepy! The more I nap though, the more tired I feel. I need to drink some more coffee and drink more water. I need to wake up and get out there and cause some trouble! K called this morning and asked about the garden, I should get out there and water it today. She’ll be pissed if she comes home to dead plants. I hear a mower going now also, that’s a good idea. It kind of looks like it might rain today. That would solve my watering laziness.

So I have to ride the bus out to Oregon City this morning and get the black car from Mr. Baptist’s house. I was having success driving the red car around to my drug test and other chores yesterday, Going back to the car after my 4th destination, which happened to be the record store, the car wouldn’t start. I guess that means it’s the alternator? Now I have to ride the bus out to O.C., get the black car, drive to the red car and jump it, let the battery charge and then try to drive it back home. Then I have to get Phillip and go for a walk back to the black car and get it. It sounds like one of those how do you take so and so over the river in a boat riddles.

You know, I think Phillip needs another brother or sister that isn’t a drugged up cat. That boy can’t entertain himself for very long. He gets bored quick with whatever chew or toy he’s playing with and comes and pesters me. That’s all I’ve been doing these last 2 days, napping and keeping the dog entertained.

Yes, the record store. I rewarded my hard work this term with some CD purchases. I got of course, Radiohead, “Hail to the Thief”, I got the Postal Service, “Give up”, and last but not least, Broken Social Scene, “You Forget It In People”. All of the CDs are quite enjoyable. They all have the Noodle seal of approval. I listened to that Radiohead again twice yesterday, I love it.

You know, I have felt ahead of my game for the last few days. I think now I need to put the nail in the coffin of some of these to do list items and just be done with them. Being ahead of the game is nice and all, but being finished with the game is even better. Plus I have a feeling that some of these little inconveniences, like riding the bus to Oregon City, may continue to pop into the equation, which could in fact make me behind the game. It’s a fine line to walk here in the Noodle house. I don’t think napping is helping the game either.

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