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driving 2 cars at once

Thursday 12 June 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Oh dear lord, what a week! Hey my relay race, my game of leap frog with the cars went off okay after a few false starts. I probably looked pretty funny driving 2 cars at once. No, I got the black car to the red one, charged the red one up for a while, and then tried to race it home. The first time I guess I didn’t charge it long enough, because I only made it 6 blocks before it died again. I walked back to the black car drove it to the red car and charged it longer the second time. Eventually, both cars were sitting back in front of the house. That bus ride out to Oregon City wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I’ve got to get going. My Thursday is really loaded up. I have lots to do today. None of my items to do are that demanding by themselves but for some reason everything is happening today. School, work at adidas, studying math with my brother, watering the yard and a bunch of little things thrown in for measure. One thing that was on the to do list but somehow slid under the radar was a 5 page essay that is due tomorrow. Oh yeah, one note, I don’t have a fax machine! Two separate, annoying, entities want faxes from me today.

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