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Yo! Yo! Hey I’m back! It has been exactly a year since I have posted in this lovely journal. Yep. I took a year off. The Noodle diaries have been on hiatus. I’m not sure why. Blogging is hard. When we last left off I was trying to write a blog entry every day for a year and in the end it seemed forced and I wasn’t writing very much. I’m going to try to write bigger post entries from now on and leave the smaller ones for Twitter. OK look, I’m not going to blog every day alright. Maybe every few days. Maybe once a week. When I find a spare quiet moment… See Johnny Jon Jon is taking me away from typing right now by growling and pulling the doors off this cabinet thing K has sitting in the dinning room… Where was I?… Now he’s making an ambulance siren squeal…

THE NOODLE DIARIES SEASON 12. I don’t think this is really Season 12 is it? I took a couple of seasons off. I think I took most of 2005 off didn’t I? It’s probably more like Season 10 still. I’m gonna say Season 12. Kind of like the Battlestar Galactica series with weirdly numbered seasons and .5 seasons. Aah! Who cares. This is Season 12 of the Jack Noodle Journal.

So yeah… Anyway… What happens in Season 12? Do we pick up where the Season 11 season finale cliff hanger left off? Oh wait there was no end of season cliff hanger. I blame stupid Facebook for my weak blogging muscles. Facebook enables you to get a quick dose of internet sharing done with out all that pesky typing and thinking. I’m really annoyed with Facebook and yet I can’t stop logging in and checking out what’s happening on my news feed! I’m trying to cut back.

We are all still doing great here at the Noodle Compound. Yay! A year gone and we still can report good times. The boys are growing super fast. G Noodle finishes preschool in a couple of days. Johnny is a crazy 2 year old. He talks all day long. We kind of understand what he’s saying. K is finishing up her work school year in a couple of days. Oh yeah, I’m a 40 year old now. I underwent that transformation back in December during the blog hiatus… 40 has been alright. I have been handling it fine. Taking stock, making some changes. Starting to get some schemes and plans going.

Hey is my U key on this laptop not working? uu uu uuuuuu Ugh! I need a new computer. No I really do. I’m serious.

OK so I’m going to make an effort to be a better blogger and get to some good journaling like I did back in the day. Read or don’t read. Whatever you do is fine with me. It’s more about the writing than the reading anyways.

I have to run now and take Johnny to G’s preschool where we are going to watch the principal kiss a pig. Yes. Kiss a pig.

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