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Saturday 21 June 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Well, will you look at who finally decided to come and write a journal entry? People, people, please accept my most humble apologies. I really should have written at least once during these last 4 days to tell you how the week was going. I missed talking to you lovely folks. It’s Saturday now and I’ve got some fresh coffee brewing. It was a tad bit rainy yesterday. It’s a tad bit sunny this morning. It’s been a tad bit chilly these last few days. I think it’s suppose to get rainy by this afternoon. Hold on one second the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee is calling to me. Oh yes! Tasty!

HEY! Spring term is all finished up kids! Woo hoo! I think it ended absolutely magnificently. I was pretty stressed out over a couple of tests due to my poor test taking skills, but I reviewed and studied hard before each test and they all went well. I think I did really good on all of my finals actually. This term will be an excellent first showing for me at the Art Institute. I’m pretty sure I’ve got myself a decent grade point average now. We’ll see next week. Oh man, I am so happy that math is over with. The class and instructor were fine and all, it’s just that forcing myself to care about something I despise and constantly worrying about passing was really getting to me. Hey once again a big shout out to my brother and the lovely Lianne for their math assistance.

Now it’s rest and relaxation time for this Noodle. School doesn’t start again until July 14th. 3 weeks. Gosh, yeah, now what do I do without any homework? That’s a silly question. Don’t worry about it Noodle. Your homework will be back before you know it. I think one thing I am going to get started on today, right after I hang up here, is demolish and rebuild this here laboratory. It is an absolute pig sty in here. I have got to clean this mess up. I really need to get organized. This is the worst room in the house. Yes. That’s a good project for today. I also need to start on some drawings for my Steve and Phillip piece. Maybe I will do that second today.

Yesterday, between classes I went and looked at books across the street at Powell’s bookstore. What a fun and relaxing time that was. All of my class work was done by then and all of my finals had been taken. My only reason for being at Powell’s was to kill some time before my last class of the day. That’s a good time to be there. When you’re totally relaxed with nowhere to be. I wanted to get a book to read during my break. All of the books that I really wanted were in the 30 to 40 dollar range and I had to limit myself to the 5 dollar range. That was all of the money I had in the World to spend on books. Besides that 5 bucks, I had $1.25 for bus fare home and $1.65 for a cup of coffee at Peet’s. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find a book when I stumble on a $4.95 sale book. I got “Essays on Typography” by Eric Gill. Yes that Eric Gill. Eric Gill as in the font “Gill Sans Serif”. It is a fascinating book. It was originally written in 1930. I think that even those of you who aren’t interested in type would find it to be a good book. Yeah, maybe not. Anyway, I bought it and took it to Peet’s with me to read as I sipped on my coffee. Great afternoon.

K and I have seen some movies since I have last written. We rented “Catch Me If You Can” and “Frida”. You know Catch Me if You can, right? The Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DeCaprio movie? It was pretty good. It was very entertaining. Better than I thought it would be. I don’t know why I thought I didn’t like Tom Hanks. I totally like Tom Hanks. I think I may have liked Minority Report better for some reason. The movie Frida was excellent. Very good. It was about the painter Frida Kahlo and her husband the painter Diego Rivera. Selma Hayek was really good as Frida. The director, Julie Taymor is awesome. I can’t wait for her next movie. Her movie “Titus” is a must see. K and I also watch our “Seven” DVD last night. That movie is SO good. So freaking dark and sad at the end.

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