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longest day of the year

Friday 21 June 2013 - Filed under internet + poetry + writing

Hmmm. The cybernet tells me that summer solstice is usually on June 21st but this year the longest day of the year started on June 20th. Who knows. They all seem to be making this stuff up as they go don’t they? Ask poor Pluto. I titled this post longest day of the year because I saw that was what previous posts on this date were titled. So longest day of the year huh? That was it. Now they’ll get shorter. That’s kind of a bummer. Summer starts to be over before it really even starts. Summer doesn’t start here in Portland weather-wise until after the 4th of July. I have learned to accept that now finally. I am no longer surprised by the gray, cold, dreary rainy days we have like we have had this week. That was a weird sentence. I haven’t been writing much lately. I think my poetry is on hold too for now. I have been concentrating on other matters as of late. That’s the strange thing about this here web journal. There are certain goings on with schemes and such that I can’t speak of here. You have to watch what you say when broadcasting on the internet don’t you? That’s just best practices right? There are millions of stories out there about so and so who got caught talking about such and such on the internet. You can’t talk about how bored you are at your dead end job. One should definitely not talk about feeling out of date and worried that the cool, hip, creative work world will pass you by and leave you stuck in your current position as an old man. You can’t talk about how you feel little bits of your soul flying off into the ether when you hear the time clock click. One certainly can’t speak openly on the internet about how turning 40 has stirred up creative unrest and the desire for something more. In case people who can make life difficult for you are reading your blog you probably should never say that you have been looking for other employment opportunities and are available for freelance or contract work. Yeah, so maybe I’m not being very honest here in the journal when I censor myself like that. Maybe I should feel like I could be more free with my true thoughts and feelings. I mean nobody is really reading this anyway. I filmed my friend’s band playing the other night and that was pretty fun. You can see it here. I didn’t do much in the filming. OK I just held my video camera up and hit record. I know. I guess the fun I had was putting the footage on the computer, getting the compression to look nice, and seeing it on the YouTubes. It made me want to put more videos up. Hmmm. What to do? Oh yeah. I could do that… Well you see, we read his blog and he talked about shooting some video at a certain time and at a certain place. We knew he wasn’t going to be home then so we went and stole his house. No, that’s right. We didn’t just rob him. We picked his entire house up and took it. Yep. Just like that. Yanked it right up and took everything. Yeah. I’m not sure why I am so paranoid today. I do have several pots on the burners and I’m getting a little antsy waiting for them to boil. I know. A watched pot doesn’t boil, blah blah blah, but what am I supposed to do in the meantime? It was the longest day of the year and he tried his best to make the longest post of the year. It was one big block of text without any line breaks so it scared readers away instantly. No one bothered to read his piles of rambling gibberish. He eventually tired himself out (sooner than one would have anticipated) and had to stop typing and go back to work.

2013-06-21  »  Noodle

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