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Noodle 2014 Music Picks

Friday 5 December 2014 - Filed under music


2014 is winding to a close and I was reminded by a friend that a top albums, end of year list is due.

Hmmm… Yeah there was some good stuff this year. I took a glance at Rolling Stone’s picks for 2014 and once again was surprised by all the albums I missed or bands I had never heard of.

Oh getting older.

I also spent most of my listening time towards the end of the year listening to audiobooks and not music. Books on tape? Books on disc?

Anyway. I tried to keep it around 10. I might be forgetting somebody. There’s not very many new faces on this list. I have become comfortably predictable.

My top two albums of the year were easy picks. I have listened to them so much that their ones and zeros are wearing out.

1. Liars “mess”
Favorite album. There wasn’t an equal. The concert was a great evening out as well.

2. Run The Jewels “run the jewels 2”
A kick in the pants. I listened to it on repeat for two entire work weeks.

The rest of the albums on my list aren’t in any specific order. Well I guess by frequency of listening. I was a little unsure about the ones towards the bottom but they made the best of list.

3. Swans “to be kind”
I was a Swans fanatic this year. Truth be told I listened to “the seer” more than “to be kind” this year but “the seer” was a 2012 release. The last three Swans albums go really well together.

4. Thom York “tomorrow’s modern boxes”

5. Hawks Do Not Share “hdns”
My friend’s band! Favorite song on the album is “disappear”

6. Aphex Twin “Syro”

7. Morrissey “world peace is none of your business”

8. Alt J “this is all yours”

9. Notwist “close to the glass”

10. Atriarch “an unending pathway”
Another friend’s band! It was a fun soundtrack while trick or treating with the boys.

11. TV on the Radio “seeds”

12. Afghan Whigs “do to the beast”

13. Jack White “lazaretto”

I was kind of prodded, tempted, tested, antagonized to put the new U2 album “songs of innocence” in the best of 2014 list. Why though? because it’s U2?
I don’t know. It was fine. I listened to it quite a bit to try to make myself like it. ok…

14. U2 “songs of innocence” IF and ONLY IF ALL 18 episodes of “You Talkin U2 to Me?” podcast are listened to first.

You Talkin U2 to Me? Was definitely a listening joy of 2014. Hmmm. maybe a podcast should take the #1 spot this year?

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