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Who’s the what?

Sunday 14 August 2016 - Filed under Uncategorized

Driving back from a lovely visit with family in Sumpter Oregon.

I have been working to update this here website for about a week or so. Well actually I haven’t been doing much except for telling other people to do stuff. They switched everything to an updated server and everything has been modernized. This here website has been ignored by me for a number of years as you can well see. Most of the last few posts have been: “gee I should really get back to blogging like I did in the olden days”. I’m gonna stop saying that here. I should really blog and write more posts are lame. I’m gonna stop saying that. I’m also gonna stop saying that I should stop saying that. I’m just going to write and stop talking about it.

So now we are hurtling through space and time shooting down I84. Plummeting down through the gorge. The time is now 3:22 PM on a Sunday. Kirsten is driving our black mini van. I am in the passenger seat. G Noodle is behind the driver. Johnny V. is behind me. Our dog Parker is further in the back. Parker and the new mini van did not exist on this website before today’s post. New additions to the Noodle saga. The new kitty, Percy Jackson Darth Kittious Pierre the 4th is also a new character to the drama. He is at home waiting for our return.

We are planning on stopping in the Dalles for dinner. I hope they allow dogs. It’s very hot out and Parker won’t be able to stay in the boiling van.

2016-08-14  »  Noodle

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