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K takes money from bikers

Saturday 12 July 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Greetings all, Happy Saturday morning to you. The Sun is out in all of it’s magnificent glory again today. Phillip and I just got back from dropping K off at work and we both sat out in the sunny backyard for a while before going in. How has your weekend been going so far? Ours is going pretty fine. Not too much happening around these parts.

This is my last weekend before Summer term starts up again on Monday. Yep. My summer vacation is over. That’s okay I was getting antsy anyway. I filled my schedule up pretty quick there. School on Monday and Tuesday, then working at the Group Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I hope the school portion of my week isn’t too difficult. I am really going to have to manage my time well this term. It’s going to be good having some money flowing back into the Noodle house for sure.

We went to a biker bar with Mr. Baptist On Thursday night. That was pretty fun. I don’t remember what the name of the place was though. It was out in Mulino. They were having a raffle to win a pool of money and K won the pot. 125 bucks. Pretty sweet. I was thinking we might have needed an escort to get out of there after taking their money, but we made it out okay. The barbecue ribs there were quite tasty.

I don’t have too much to do today. I think I will do some chores and go to the bank before it closes. I would like to do some reading and writing, but we’ll see. Napping kind of sounds good also. Maybe I’ll look over my school schedule and start getting prepared mentally for it. I turned in the Tomb Raider game yesterday and I’m jonesing a bit for it. I was right at a good spot! I need to rent it again. I probably won’t rent it until I see how my school days went. Maybe I’ll get it Wednesday night again.

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