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Friday 11 January 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

I am on hold on the phone while I type this. Hmm… Into the arms of an angel… gosh that’s depressing. Why is she singing so sadly? Who is that? Is that Sarah McLachlan? Oh I’m not on hold anymore…

Hey it’s Friday! Almost the weekend for you poor working slobs! Anybody have any big plans? Not I said the fly.

I did up some pretty good music CD artwork yesterday. Now all I need is a band to use it. Anybody know of any bands that are looking for artwork? Give me a holler if you do. It’s all set up on me buddy’s CD packaging, die cut design which is pretty handsome also.

Thank God for coffee once again. I was feeling a wee bit sluggish when I first got up this morning, but now thanks to a nice hot cup of Joe, I’m wide awake!

I’m thinking of having a little section here of photos I take during the day. What do you think? Nothing too big. I took some pictures yesterday that I thought were interesting.

One other thing I need to do very soon, like today, is update the playlist on the transmissions. There have been quite a few of you lovely people listening in. Thanks that’s SWEET!

Hey! I’m an uncle again! My brother just called. His lovely wife gave birth to 7 pound, 8 ounces, 20 inch baby boy last night. Woo Hoo!
Elijah Jordan Noodle.

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