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Sunday 14 September 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hello again. It is a very beautiful morning out right now. The sun is shining and it’s a little bit cooler out. Yesterday was gorgeous. It looks like today will follow the same path. September as is once again the case, doesn’t want to give up being summer. None of this matters to me much today because I will be locked inside not allowed to leave until all of my lame school work is done. Gosh, I am so close. I just have to hold on for a couple more days.

Last night after the kids’ yard sale, we went out and had dinner and caught a movie. We went and saw “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”. It was pretty sweet. Let me clarify though, you MUST be in the right mood to fully appreciate this movie. K and I liked it quite a bit and the other people that went with us had varying levels of “It was okay” to “It was a big pile of crap”. K and I are big fans of “EL Mariachi” and “Desperado”, so I think we knew what we were in for. It seems like it would be a serious drama starting out, but it definitely isn’t. I think that’s why people are thinking it’s lame, they are looking for a serious action drama. It’s not a comedy for sure but it is pretty silly. It was nicely filmed I thought and Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas were quite sexy.

Hey tomorrow is K and my 3 year wedding anniversary! Hooray! It has been 3 years of absolute magic and bliss. We haven’t really made any plans yet. I have a few things in mind that I want to get her for gifts. It stinks that school will be in the way of fun times tomorrow. We will have to go do something special next weekend. Maybe we’ll go back to the beach again.

One thing we already have planned and excused as an anniversary item, is going to the Grandaddy concert next month. I got the tickets for that yesterday. We like Grandaddy. Have you heard Grandaddy? If not then you should. I have been listening to their newest CD “Sumday” quite a bit lately and it keeps getting better with each listen.

There is a mountain of concerts coming to town in the next few months. How is one suppose to afford all of those tickets? We already have our tickets for Grandaddy at the Aladdin theater on October 18th. If I were to plan out a concert schedule it would probably be something like this:

The Clientele and Destroyer, September 19th.
Mogwai, September 27th.
Interpol, September 28th.
Goldfrap, October 2nd.
Enon, October 6th.
Quasi, October 11th.
Grandaddy, October 18.
Guided by Voices, October 20th
Spiritualized, November 7th.
The White Stripes, some time soon

The list goes on. I think I left a few out. Mark your calendars and get out to see some shows. It should be a good fall concert season. I’m sure I won’t make it to all of them but we’ll hit a few. I really want to see Mogwai, so that will probably be the next ticket purchase.

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