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Get in there and get excited

Sunday 12 October 2003 - Filed under back 2 school

Good morning! How is everything going? It’s going pretty good here so far today. I thought I would get up earlier than I normally do on a Sunday morning and work on some stuff. I may go back to bed after writing this journal though. It has been raining here the last few days. Fall has finally arrived my friends. It has been quite a bit cooler also. We had the heat turned on last night. Do you know what my morning is missing? Coffee. Hold on one moment won’t you? There, that will help I’m sure.

This weekend hasn’t been as wild and crazy as I thought it was going to be. I guess the more mellow laid back weekend comes from not doing any of the things that we had planned on doing. That’s okay with me. I was so tired all day yesterday. Now I feel like I have caught back up with my sleep. I don’t want to laze around today if I can help it. I’ve got stuff to take care of people!

Ah yes, week number 2 of the fall term is next week. I don’t really feel like I am back in school again yet after that break. I’m a little worried that I am not taking my classes as seriously as I should be yet. Last term at this time I was totally geared up and ready to go. I had all of my papers organized, my pencils sharped and everything ready by the start of the second week last term. This term, I have my papers jumbled up in a notebook, jammed in my backpack which I haven’t looked at since Friday. I’ll get it going though, I hope. I just have to get in there and get excited! It IS going to be a great term. I can see that already. Just work a bit on getting your interest and excitement up Noodle and you’ll be fine.

I already have my favorite class figured out. My Death and Desire class. I knew it instantly. We’re studying 19th century literature and seeing how the theme of death and desire is used in several works. So far it is very interesting. It’s going to be hard because it requires quite a bit of a level of thinking that I am not accustomed to. One of the books we are reading in that class is Bram Stoker’s, Dracula. I’m not sure what the descending order of favorite classes are yet, but I do know my least favorite is going to be Intro to computer graphics. I really should have tested out of that class. It is going to be way too easy and challenging.

Yesterday I went out and got an external firewire hard drive. 120 gigabytes for under 200 bucks. I can’t believe how cheap that is. It seems to me that the last time that I looked at external hard drive prices it was in 1996 and I remember them being large in size and costing around 2,000 bucks. Is that right? Things are so affordable now. Maybe I should get another computer huh? Oh wait That’s right, I’m a poor college student who is only working part time now. Anyway, now I have a cheap, small, with large memory external hard drive. It was suggested by my intro to video and my intro to audio teachers that I get one to hold all of the large video and audio files that I am going to be acquiring during my time at school. I have my whole computer backed up now also so I can finally take this bad boy in to get the monitor fixed. I wasn’t comfortable unplugging my current configuration without having my files backed up first. If you notice that I mysteriously have been missing more than the normal amount of journal entries then it could be because the computer is in the shop.

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