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Old Man Martin Tired of Standing

Sunday 11 January 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hello, hello! Well kids, I am officially in for the night. Wee dog, I am one tired camper! We got back about 45 minutes ago from my young nephew Elijah’s 2nd year birthday party. He rolled into another year in great spirits. Being older hasn’t seemed to have gotten him as depressed as some of us were on our birthdays this year. He’s a good kid and it was good to see the family today. When we got home I did some dishes and now I am sitting down here with a nice glass of red wine writing to you in these marvelous pages. It’s time to wind down, have a bit of dinner, watch an all new episode of the Simpsons, and head to bed. Tomorrow I’ll be up bright and early for an all new school term.

Part of the reason for being so sleepy this evening is that we had a great Saturday night. The girls had their slumber party and Martin and I worked at staying away from the house for the evening. We went and checked out the Ima Robot show at Nocturnal. Ima Robot was really cool. They put on a pretty good show. They had a kind of 60s, 70s, glam rock, David Bowie thing going on. The lead singer was very charismatic I thought and a good performer. I think they are well worth the listen if you get a chance to hear their CD. There were 3 bands playing that night. Martin and I only stayed for 2 and we both agreed that the whole event wasn’t worth the 10 buck cover charge. Perhaps a 5 to 8 dollar price tag. Nocturnal is a pretty nice place. The bar is very cool but it sucks that it is in the basement away from the concert hall which is upstairs. It was an all ages show and once again I stood and gawked at all of the youngsters. So many cool looking kids. Did I have that much energy when I was their age? I think so. I was marveling at how life slowly drips by and how you slowly turn into a 31 year old man without even noticing it. You suddenly just wake up and find yourself standing in a rock concert with kids 15 years younger than you. It’s pretty cool though, I don’t mind it too much.

After old man Martin and myself got tired of standing, we went to a party at his friend’s house. That was okay. I didn’t know anyone there and Martin only knew a few people. The beer was free though and that was good. There were quite a few cute people there that I enjoyed staring at. Gosh, I spent a lot of time people watching last night. I don’t think I was too creepy while I viewed. I was very nonchalant about it. We stayed about 45 minutes at the party and then headed off to Phil’s house for the rest of the evening. Phil and Martin practiced some songs on their guitars in the basement while I slowly drifted off to sleep on the couch down there. We went to sleep in the living room at about 4:30 AM. It was a good night. We got up 4 hours later and went and broke up the slumber party.

Oh yeah have I mentioned yet this post that there is still snow on the ground? What the heck? It still keeps hanging on. I’m going to have to make a point of recording the day here when I can look out our front window and not see any snow. I was reading someone’s account of the last few days of weather in New York this week and feel quite silly about complaining about our Portland weather. Wind chills of -25? Now that’s cold. This is Portland though and it is our duty as Oregonians to complain about 32 degree days.

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