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Monday 12 January 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Back from my first day of winter term classes. So far so good, One class today, design for multimedia display. I think that it is going to be a pretty good class. Lots of reading and studying of theories. See, that’s good. I want and need more of that. I don’t need a class where I am going through software manuals learning the latest and greatest programs. I want meat and potatoes, not ice cream. I think that this class will help me get a better picture of what I am in school for.

Oh dear lord! It was so hard to stay awake this morning! I think that my holiday break may have been a bit too long. It’s probably going to take me a week or two to get use to having a schedule again. It will probably be nap time for me after I get done typing here. My entry every single day of 2004 resolution is really going to get tested this week now that the term has started up. I have to get some sort of writing schedule lined up. I had a hard time last year sticking journal writing into the school and work hours mix. I’m sure I’ll do fine this year though, right?

Young Phillip is at doggy day care today. I hope he’s having fun and playing nice with the other dogs. It will be good for him at doggy day care. He can get some exercise and burn off some energy while K and I are away. I kind of missed having him greet me at the door when I got home though. It’s kind of lonely without the little guy around trying to get me to throw his toy. He’ll be back soon enough I guess. Plus the cat is here still. I could play with Pierre couldn’t I? Oh, cats just aren’t the same. When did I turn into one of THOSE dog owners? Dog at day care? Come on now.

It was good to be back on campus today. I really do enjoy going to school. It’s fun now because on my 4th term there I am starting to see some of the same faces over and over, giving me more of a sense a familiarity and comfort. I may eventually have a friend or two from the student body if I continue on like this. The pool of students that I have had classes with grows with each term of course, giving me more people to say hi to in the hallways, which I like.

I did have one problem today. It was my jeans. The jeans I am wearing now are just too tight! These puppies are going to have to go in the trash. They are from the mid 80s I am sure, so they have out lived there life span anyway. K hates them because they are black jeans. I’ll have to agree with her on that one. Black jeans aren’t a great fashion statement. I don’t know why I keep wearing them. I think I wore them today because they were a clean pair of pants. I can barely fit my keys into the front pocket. Don’t get me wrong, I like the tightness and the way my skinny butt fits in them. The thing I hate about them is the high water, not covering enough leg, cold ankles, showing your bright white socks aspect. I shall officially retire these jeans after today, I promise.

Yes, so now it is off to nap time. Actually I may continue with my Ratchet and Clank video game playing now. I need to keep battling away before homework takes up all of my video game playing time. I’m feeling like I haven’t had enough coffee yet today and a bit hungry. Maybe the first thing to do on my list should be raid the kitchen.

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