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Lower Back Tattoos

Thursday 15 January 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

No really, has this been a long week or what? Well. I’m home now. I was happy this evening, I was greeted by the cat and the dog and they were both very happy to see me. K is off at work right now. Just me home with the boys. We’re listening to the Outkast CD right now. Chilling. I think I am going to hit the hay in a matter of minutes. Perhaps I will fall asleep in front of the TV watching Will and Grace.

The school week wrapped up very nicely. It’s going to be a kick ass term I believe. I think it’s going to be a bit of work to do. There’s going to be lots of writing this term. A couple of class require weekly journal entries. Luckily I have some experience with that. I’m pretty excited about a couple of classes. My psychology of creativity class is really going to be interesting. Having 3 classes in a row and spending the whole day at the school really locks you away from the real world. When I left this building tonight I had to shake my head and regain my senses so I could figure out how to get home to reality, the cat, the dog, Outkast, and sleep in front of Will and Grace.

Long day of work tomorrow. Hmmm.

I must have did a lot of thinking today because I kind of have a headache now. So, last term I was interested in Romanticism and I was wondering if my fancy would move to some other topic as soon as the term ended. Well I am still interested in the Romantic era but I have already moved on to the new topic of minimalism. I started looking into it a little bit today. Yes, I think the answer lies somewhere in minimalism. Cut out all of the fluff baby. Perhaps I could create some sort of romantic minimalism. The topic I have been trying to get my head around the last few terms is going to show it’s head a few times this term. Post modernism. Is there any hope? Has everything already been done? Is there truly nothing new under the sun?

I was called and heard someone else called “chief” today. I sure do love hearing that. For some reason that makes me feel happy inside. It’s probably not too PC though is it? Native Americans don’t appreciate us throwing the word chief around all willy nilly? The one I try to say as often as I can remember and try to infect people with saying is “captain”. Captain is just all around good fun. Another thing I decided I liked today is tattoos on lower backs that show when one is bending to set book bags down.

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