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2 Twelves

Wednesday 11 February 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Hey there, hey there. Yep. What’s new today? Not much. I think I am going to try to only work 2 twelves next week instead of two 10s and a 4. I think I could have got quite a bit of school work done if I would have stayed at school today instead of going in to work my short day today. Boss wouldn’t look at me so weird for leaving like he does after a 4 hour day. That job is getting in the way of school work I tells yeah.

I am digging my feet on this multimedia project. Damn it! I have almost finished all of my other assignments around it. I’m all caught up except for that puppy. Okay! Enough already! Stop talking and start working!

Hey, Valentines day is right around the corner isn’t it? Do you have any plans for your sweet hearts? I should do something nice for the lovely K this year. I wonder what I could do. We had talked about going to the Notwist show on Saturday. I wonder if there are still tickets. I should do something more nice than a sweaty rock show though. Hold on one second, I’ll take some more time away from my multimedia project and think of it.

Oh the dog has to go potty now. I’ll take him outside now instead of working on homework.

I wonder what is on TV tonight. West Wing right?

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