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Thursday 12 February 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

Oh I don’t know why I get worked up so! I was quite a cry baby about school work over the last few days. It’s Thursday night, school is done for the week, I did really well on all three of my tests today, and now I am at home relaxing. I just finished off a nice glass of cold milk, and I think we are going to try to watch a rented movie tonight. I might instantly fall asleep once the movie starts, but we’ll try it out for a while. I put off the multimedia project that was giving me a headache last night until this weekend. The deadline I had set for myself of this morning wasn’t realistic so I let it slide a few days. I think the final product will be much better this way. Since today was a really good school day it gives me courage and energy that will last at least until Sunday night. No, really, no more cry baby coming from this guy.

I was thinking about my Oregon Trail movie on the bus yesterday, or possibly this morning, and the whole Lewis and Clark thing was totally in the Simpsons episode last week. Lenny and Carl were Lewis and Clark. The Oregon Trail theme snuck into my subconscious and plopped back out into my skateboarding movie! Actually that isn’t really a subconscious thing is it? The Simpsons basically hit me over the head with the Oregon Trail theme and I wasn’t paying attention enough to notice it. Anyway the Simpsons didn’t invent the Oregon Trail so I’m not totally stealing their idea. I need to get going on the scripting for that bad boy.

One more day of work and then it is weekend time again my friends! You know now that it is Thursday it seems like the week has gone by really fast. Not like that slow as molasses Tuesday.

K’s calling me in to get this movie watching show on the road. I need to get some serious length back into these entries. The last few posts have been pretty short. I have to get back into a personal history of life in 2004 mode again, and away from this school is hard, I’m sleepy crap that I have slipped into this week.

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