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Friday 13 February 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

The weekend is here! At last! Hey it’s Friday the 13th today! Nothing bad happened yet today so I think we are in the clear. K brought it to my attention that we rented and are going to watch the Freddy vs. Jason movie on Friday the 13th. Creepy. You know Freddy vs. Jason right? Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason from the Friday the 13th Movies. Should be good and cheesy.

We watched “Party Monster” last night. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Macaulay Culkin played an excellent drugged out raver party kid I thought. It was a pretty dismal story. Seth Green was in it also as a drugged out party kid. All the actors did a pretty decent job I thought. You know though, how hard is it to play a drugged out raver, dancer, party kid? It had your average dead cat in the bed, dead junkie, drug movie elements to it.

Tomorrow is Valentines day! K and I are going to the Notwist concert in the evening. Getting up earlier in the morning and going to breakfast might be a nice thing to do for the celebration of love day. We might sleep in though. We’ll have to see how it goes. Maybe I’ll surprise her with the Breakfast idea in the morning. Nobody tell her, okay?

You know, I don’t think I’m going to work two 12 hour days instead of the two 10s and a 4 that I have been doing at work. I just can’t imagine a 12 hour Friday. I worked 10.5 hours today and I was so ready to go. I was definitely worn down from the busy week. The bosses wouldn’t be too keen on the two 12s anyway. I guess they like the butts in chairs per day ratio better than the butts per hour ratio. I didn’t want the 12 anyway when I started talking about it to the bosses, so it turned out looking like I understood their reasoning and agreed to help them out by continuing to work the 4 hour Wednesday. Ah, who cares. I’ve made it through 2 and a half terms with this schedule so I can continue with it right?

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