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Saturday 13 March 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey there. What? Do you think I am cutting it close? I am still going strong with my every single day promise. Yes, it’s true that it is very near the end of the 13th of March, but my friends, it is still the 13th of March. Please note that it is my prediction that very soon here, you will have to wait 2 weeks or so for me to transcribe the journals that are going down on paper during that time. That sentence didn’t make much sense did it? Don’t worry though, when the time comes you will know of what I speak. Just know That I will not fail with the every single day of 2004 promise, and if you think that I have, wait a few hours and then come back to check in. Just because it’s not in electronic form at the time doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The journal could quite possibly some time this year end up on a cocktail napkin that doesn’t get pulled out of my pocket until the next morning and uploaded here. Yes I do have a bit of wiggle room don’t I?

We got quite a bit of good film shooting done today. The K movie is well on it’s way. We are going to be finishing up the filming tomorrow with the downtown shots. We did some shooting here at the house and then we went over to Lianne and Martin’s and did some bike riding shots in St. Johns out of the back of Martin’s pick up.

I think I have some issues with the focus. Either the auto focus is left on when it should be off or perhaps I should turn the auto focus on because it is off. The camera keeps popping out of focus at the worst times. All the stuff we did here under a controlled none moving environment is totally crisp and in focus. Once we got over to St. Johns and started filming the bike riding action everything went in and out of focus. It might have something to do with my aperture settings also.

That’s one of the cool things about being in these video classes is that I am really learning how to use my video camera. For all the complaining I do about it, it’s really a pretty nice piece of equipment. I had complained about the camera in the past and said it wasn’t tough like some of the newer cameras, but truth be told it was actually the person behind the camera that was the problem. I didn’t know how to use it properly back then.

I think I am still in time to watch some Saturday Night Live. Maybe I should turn it on and check it out? I think I might be a bit to tired.

After our filming and house painting adventures, we decided to barbecue some surf and turf at the kids house and have a wonderful meal. After that we were totally stuffed and one by one fell asleep in front of a movie about Winston Churchill that we had put in to watch. Luckily I woke myself up in enough time to get back here and talk to you guys!

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