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Lawn Mower Won’t Shut Down

Monday 15 March 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

A nice long day at school is what I had today. I went to class in the morning and then edited my K movie for the rest of the day. Time really flew with that one. I didn’t realize it was getting so late. It takes a long time for me to capture video. You have to go through all of your footage and pick out the pieces you want. Quite time consuming. So far so good on the movie. I have 5 minutes pieced together already. That’s a lot actually. I was only expecting the whole thing to be about 6 minutes and now I think It will be closer to 10. That’s the longest movie I have done so far.

I called in and left a message that I wouldn’t be going in to work tomorrow. I feel sort of bad but there is no way I would be able to get my school work finished without the next 2 days off of work. I’ve got a lot of projects that need my full attention. Perhaps I should call in and talk to a person instead of the answering machine though. Oh geeze.

So I was pretty much out of the loop today. Hidden away in a computer lab. Did anything happen in the World while I was away? I mowed the lawn yesterday. It looks pretty nice. It was long. I had to raise the wheels on Mr. Baptist’s lawn mower so it could cut the taller grass. That lawn mower took quite a while to shake off it’s winter slumber. It was funny, once I got it started, it wouldn’t turn off. I couldn’t figure out how to shut the bad boy down. I was thinking that I was going to have to just put it away in the basement running until it ran out of gas and stopped. After about 6 minutes I found a switch by the engine that was stuck on. I finally got the switch flipped over and the mighty beast stopped.

Tomorrow I will finish up the K movie and move on down the list to the next project. I have concerns about my Fundamentals of Authoring puppy CD project and my mock up for Multimedia Display. I’ll finish them up. Don’t you worry. Those 2 projects are due next week. The Intro to Editing K movie is due on Thursday and a 10 page paper and portrait of my inner critic is due for my Psychology of Creativity class also on Thursday. The only other thing of concern is a grueling final exam in History of Material Culture next week.

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