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Happy B-day Ayrica

Friday 16 April 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

Yes indeed my friends, it is a late Friday for sure. Hey the weekend is now here! YES! What a long weird week we have just experienced! Today was a work day for me so not too much happened, It was a strange one weather wise I believe. It was pouring down rain when I gazed out of the office windows on a break, but when I headed home in the evening it was Sun shiny bright!

I participated in my fun work time event of loading more music CDs onto my computer. I now have 958 songs on that machine. 3 gigs. That’s a lot of songs and memory. I can’t imagine having an iPod with 40 gigs. Well yes, actually I can imagine it, but boy oh boy, 40 gigs would be a heck of a lot of songs. I wonder if I even own enough CDs to fill 40 gigs? My find of the day was my Tindersticks CD. I think it was their second CD self-titled, Tindersticks. So good. I should really get some more Tindersticks CDs. My lovely friend Mat in Chicago turned me on to the Tindersticks.

That’s funny. Work really wasn’t that interesting today if the highlight of my day was making mp3s. See, I don’t think I’m expressing the fun game like quality of seeing how many CDs you can’t stack onto your work computer. I’m such a geek.

After work we went and celebrated the lovely Ayrica’s birthday. Gosh, I forgot to ask, but did she turn 27? I don’t know. Everybody is getting older! We all went and had Italian food at the restaurant La Buca over in Northwest. It was very good. We never hang out in the Northwest. It’s like you’re in a different state. It’s okay over there. It’s hard to find parking.

After dinner, the birthday party moved over to Lola’s room at the Crystal Ballroom for 80s night dancing. I didn’t do any dancing because I wanted to take it easy and not over exert myself after being sick all week. It was a little more hopping last time we went to 80s night. Lianne, Martin and I left after a few songs because we are tired party poopers. Now I am here typing to you. I may have to do a revision or two to the text here in the morning because this all isn’t making sense and I am falling asleep.

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