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heading over to Lianne and Martin’s

Friday 14 May 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Hey there! Happy weekend once again! Oh, I am quite excited that the weekend is finally here. The Sun is out now smiling on us for a few more hours.

I have to write a quick entry today because we are going to be heading over to Lianne and Martin’s here pretty soon. I hope they’re serving up some good grub because I am really hungry right now. I know, I know, I should really eat more than just once a day. I’m quite thirsty for an alcohol beverage now also.

I had a pretty good day. At work we had our noses to grind so that made for a pretty quick day. Some days it’s good to have lots of work to do so that the hours move faster.

On the headphones I had a couple of things playing worth mentioning. I really like that new Modest Mouse CD. It keeps getting better with each listen. Another CD that is in my work listening rotation is that Queens of the Stone Age CD, “Songs for the Deaf”. Have you heard this one yet? It’s a guilty pleasure that also gets better with each listen. It’s pretty rocking. I recorded off a mix of my Sound Track for 2004 CD. I’m listening to it right now. I am continuing to fine tune the line up. I’ll give you the play list later in the year so that you can compile the tunes and burn yourself a copy.

I’m kind of excited because an idea for my final project in Multimedia and Animation class came to me today. I have to do a 2 minute animation. I think I’m going to do a music video for a Modest Mouse song. The song I have in mind is called “Wild Pack of Family Dogs” and it’s got quite a bit of nice visuals connected with it I think. I’m excited to do up the storyboards for it this weekend.

Got to run. K is heading out the door.

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