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Suki Visits Phillip

Saturday 15 May 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Hey there. Boy oh boy, am I cutting it close or what? Every single day of 2004 baby! At this hour it really is a little too close for comfort. Well, I’m writing the rules here so I say it’s acceptable.

K decided to throw a game night at the last minute and has invited some people over to play Trivial Pursuit. They are in there yelling and screaming so I thought I would steal a way for a moment while they aren’t looking and write to you guys and gals.

Phillip actually has a friend here also. The lovely Suki is playing with Phillip. Lianne and Martin are watching Suki for the weekend. Suki is a bit bigger than Phillip. I’m not sure what kind of dog Suki is. I think she’s a mix. I’ll post her picture up. K thinks she wants a big dog now. I don’t know about that.

This weekend is going much too fast. I had good intentions to finish a lot of work and now where am I? I’m participating in a Trivial Pursuit competition! I had another frustrating day in the lab at school. People, let me tell you, I definitely prefer Final Cut Pro over Avid for video projects. I spent 3 hours today trying to figure out why one simple thing wouldn’t work. When I finally got my project heading in the right direction I was tired of being there and didn’t get any good work done. Well, hopefully tomorrow I’ll wrap things up.

Uh oh. They have noticed that I am gone and are screaming for me to go in there and answer my trivia question.

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