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Giant Goiter

Sunday 16 May 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Good evening sweet babies. How are you all doing? I’m okay. A little sleepy as usual. I’m going to have to try to be fast about writing this post tonight. I have got to finish up my animation storyboards before I fall asleep.

Oh my goodness, did you see the Simpsons tonight? Another masterful episode once again. They really took the piss out of the USA. They zinged our fine country in the biting yet loving way that only the Simpsons can. Poor Elmo hung himself in his prison cell! It was a pretty good one I thought. I may have to watch it again to get all the parts I missed with only a single viewing.

I went in and did some homework at school again today. Things went better for me compared to yesterday. I pretty much finished up my Conan O’Brien TV spot. I think it turned out pretty good. I’m not as mad at the Avid program today because it pretty much did what it was told. I really do think that program is unnecessarily complicated at times. I only have the sound left to tweak and then that project will be done.

I have to get up earlier in the morning tomorrow to get in line to register for Summer term early registration. Yep it’s that time of the term already! I love getting in there and registered early. It’s encouraging to see where you are heading next. I think I’ve got a pretty good line up planned for the summer term. I’ll run through the list here after I register.

Oh man! I have got this giant goiter on my neck and it’s killing me. A giant pimple bullet buried deep in my skin that is just screaming to be popped. The damn thing is as hard as a rock. I think I am going to have to wear a turtle neck tomorrow so all the kids don’t point at it and make fun of me. If I could just pop it, the pressure would be released and it wouldn’t hurt as much!

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