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Monday 17 May 2004 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey, an early post by recent standards! How are you doing? It was a pretty good Monday for yours truly. Nothing bad happened, I was in a good mood and school was pretty mellow on the old noggin. OH! I just heard thunder! It has been threatening to be stormy all day today. The downpour is almost here I think. That electric, muggy, windy, weird feeling is going on outside now. It’s been a while since we have had a really good rain. Time to batten down the hatches.

I am enjoying a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon now and surfing the web. Well, I am typing now but before that I was surfing the web. As a student of web design I think I was talking last week about how I really needed to surf the web more and immerse myself in my chosen medium. I do. A friend of mine sent me a link to this good blog that he had been reading. I was quite entertained and found myself heading down different paths from that original web site. You’d think as the author of a blog-ish web page that I would be out reading other people’s posts. Not the case. I should make an effort to read through some different blogs now and then. There’s a whole slew of blogs that have been coming up on my school syllabi related to web design and information architecture that I am stupid for not keeping up on. Oh, I have been checking in with my friend the undecided voter. He’s had some good writings.

Have any of you discovered the joys of having an wish list? I love it. It’s a great thing for keeping track of stuff you hear about or think you should get in the future. For example, it often happens during my work day listening to NPR that I hear an interview of an author or music review, and I’ll think that I should really get that someday. Now I just head over to Amazon and add it to my wish list. You can arrange your lists in order of importance and other things. I made a print out of mine that I can take to the bookstore to help me with my browsing.

I registered for Summer term today. Woo hoo! This education train is chugging on at full speed! Hold on, let me go get the list. Uh oh. The doggy is up on my lap now sleeping. Hold on. For the Summer term I have, Web Scripting 2, Principles of Marketing, Project Management, Interactive Authoring and History Topic: City Development, which is the class that goes with my Europe trip.

The puppy is demanding that I join him for a nap now.

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