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Gas Hits 2 Dollars a Gallon

Tuesday 18 May 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Yes, we have been sucked into television viewing again. We have been watching the show Colonial House on PBS the last 2 nights. It’s quite an addictive show. It’s the “reality” TV show where all of the participants are made to live in a Colonial village circa 1628. It sucks you in and is a great diversion after a day spent in the 21st century. The good reality shows get you with the drama and soap opera like story lines. The Colonial House is good because it actually gives you some history lessons as you watch the participants fight amongst themselves. You leave the viewing experience only feeling half brain dead instead of totally brain dead.

Today was a pretty okay day. It was one of my long days at the office. I had a couple of hard files to work on that were giving me some trouble. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up the working when things aren’t working out and you just want to go home. Everything turned out fine eventually and I was back on the MAX before I knew it. I’m not sure what the weather did today. I think it sprinkled off and on. It was kind of warm with clear skies when I headed home this evening.

I was reading some of the journal entries from January and was quite amazed by how long some of those posts were. I really let the ink fly back then. What was that? Almost 5 months ago? Man oh man time is speeding on by my friends! So yes, I put a lot of ink down back then. I’m going to try to increase the length of my posts here. I need to fill my 2004 personal history project with as many words as I can. I have a feeling that I am going to have a butt load of writing down here next month when the journal goes to paper for two weeks while I am in Europe. I will be transcribing all of my scribbles down when I get back.

Oh yeah hey a couple of things to note for you who are reading this now in the future: The price of gas is now over 2 dollars a gallon! That’s not good. Actually the price being that high isn’t really the problem, our dependence as a society on non-renewable fossil fuels is the real problem. I don’t think that the war in Iraq is helping oil prices at all. Yes the price of things in 2004 would be a good thing to keep track of for you who are diligently studying these writings from the past. WOOOOOO! You are reading this now in my future and I am living in your past. I think I said that last time when I pretended to talk to the citizens of the future. I need to come up with new material. Hold on one second and let me go see what a gallon of milk cost us in May of 2004. $3.58. Man, I am going to have to request more hours at the office or get my own cow to milk.

Today was the Oregon primary elections. I think that the Oregon democrats have chosen John Kerry as their candidate to beat President George W. Bush in November. We also had a mayoral election here in Portland. I’m not sure how it worked, but it’s some sort of primary election. Who ever the two front runners are will be running against each other in November? Why don’t they just pick the guy with the most votes now? Why have 2 elections? I don’t know. They didn’t ask me. We are Tom Potter supporters in this house. I think he’s ahead in the count so far. Woo freakin’ hoo.

I’m pretty much caught up with my school work. There seems to be a bit of breathing room this week. I think all of my classes have given two weeks to work on the current projects so that has helped to space things out, Am I going to be a good student and use the two weeks to do good work on these projects or piss it away and get it all done at the last minute? I think I will probably do a combination of both. I’m in a good spot now, I think I’ll spend some quality time with the assignments I’ve got to head off now and do some reading before bed tonight.

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