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Swamp of Gray and Radiohead Rip-offs

Wednesday 11 January 2006 - Filed under music

It’s official. I am sick this morning. I have a sore throat, a cough and I ache everywhere. Thanks for the cold K! I think I’ll make myself some coffee and see if that helps. One second.

The rain just doesn’t stop here! It’s really dark out right now. I drove K to work on Monday and couldn’t believe how gray it was out there in the real World. Driving the car down the freeway was like swimming through a murky swamp of gray. The only color out was the red of the surrounding cars tail lights. I swear to god, I need to get a sun lamp or something. This weather is freaking depressing! The older I get, the more the winters here make me want to move to somewhere sunny.

Did any of you watch the television show “Scrubs” last night on NBC? I love that show. They showed two episodes last night. I need for someone who watched the first episode to tell me what the song was that they were playing in the background towards the end. I know I’ve heard it before. It’s killing me. The name of the band is right on the tip of my tongue. My new computer is Wi-Fi enabled and sometimes I get lucky and catch a wireless connection out in the front room. I was surfing around last night trying to find that song on the nets while our next shows were playing on the TV. No luck. While looking for that tune, I was reminded of the following bands that I need to check out soon: The Killers, Youth Group, Arcade Fire, and Architecture in Helsinki. If any of you caught that song last night let me know what it was. It was kind of a Radiohead sounding rip-off.

I am only checking my email one more time today. I’m really stating to feel like a loser when I check it every half an hour. Oh, maybe they finally read my resume and are sending a response back, oh maybe such and such has some work for me, Ooo! Ooo! I better check my email again just in case I didn’t hit the “get mail” button right. Waiting around for email is a horrible way to look for work. After I get over this cold I am going to find a job the old fashioned way. I’m going to hit the pavement, shake some hands and kiss a few babies.

A good portion of the day yesterday was spent working on my cousin’s wedding DVD. I am almost finished with the video part then all that is left is getting a photo slide show together. Hopefully I can finish everything up today or maybe tomorrow. It felt good finally spending some quality time with it.

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