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Homer Snores and Sweet Roberta

Monday 11 February 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey it’s just another manic Monday! Oh man is it cold in here. Hold on let me turn up the heat. I hate Mondays!

Hopefully you all caught “The Simpsons” last night? It was a laugh riot. Oh my goodness, that show keeps getting better and better. I guess the part that really made me laugh was Homer snoring. Then he woke up and was snoring while he was awake. Oh gosh you had to be there I guess.

So are any of you keeping up with the Winter Olympics? Yeah, me neither. I did tune in yesterday to see the women’s snowboarding half pipe competition. That was pretty cool. I saw some of the downhill skiing. They are really going crazy fast down that mountain!

Lately I have been having quite a few dreams about people from the olden days. I wonder what is causing that? A few nights ago I dreamt about one of my old roomates and he felt like he owed me some money so he gave me a wad of bad checks. Last night’s dream featured the lovely Roberta. Gosh I wonder how and where she is now days?

Yesterday I did some good research and figured out a way to do some cool things to offer up here on this fine website. I think it will be pretty cool. I have to get started on some stuff before I give any details so be patient.

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