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wild pack of house cats

Tuesday 8 June 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Good evening to you one and all. How are you doing? My bizarre dreams series continues! Last night I had a dream that a wild pack of house cats swarmed outside in our yard and attacked the house. They kept trying to get in the doors and windows. We had to beat them back. A grey cat was clawing into my arm and biting my hands. I had to scrape him off and kick him down the stairs. It was very scary. I think they were being mean to Phillip also.

Yes you may remember me saying something about this yesterday, but today was a work day for this guy. It went fairly well. There was a good work flow that allowed me to work straight through the day without to many disruptions. I was plugged in. I enjoyed listening to the tunes today. I brought more CDs to make into MP3s and load up onto my work computer. There were some CDs of note today. I revisited some of the old gems from the bottom of my CD drawer today. I was really digging Skinny Puppy’s CD, “Last Rights”. Perhaps it’s because I have been working with that Hellraiser footage so much over the last few days, but the dark scary screams really spoke to me this morning. On that same note of course is the CD I also listened to today by Coil, “Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser”. Yes I am going to use some of the music off of that for my sound design project. Another pleasant walk down memory lane that is stored on my work computer now is Sonic Youth, “Dirty”. Man oh man is that a good one. A CD that I don’t give enough credit to is Beastie Boys, “Hello Nasty”. It’s pretty good. I listened to it today to prepare for the new CD that comes out next week. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but iTunes at the office is totally cool because everyone’s iTunes is networked together and you can listen to the music on other people’s computers. Oh man one of my fellow coworkers did me proud today. I listened to The Radiohead CD, “I Might Be Wrong”. Holy crap it is so good! I swear I almost burst into tears listening to it. It’s a live album so don’t be frightened if you hear cheering. It’s really good. Very good recording quality for a live album. If I was made of money I would go out and by a legal copy of it right away.

Gosh that’s a long paragraph.

I have got to study for my final exam in nonlinear editing now. Tomorrow it’s another fun day of school. My test is in the morning. I think I will do pretty good on it. I know my stuff in that class.

The whole rest of the week I am projects, projects, projects! I am taking my half day Thursday and Friday off from work so that I can focus on my school work.

Speaking of, I need to get focused right now.

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