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Ray Charles Passes

Thursday 10 June 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Hey, a sad bit of news for the 2004 history recording Project, Ray Charles passed away today. He was 73. Some sort of liver failure I guess.

Week number 10 is coming to a close my friends. Just as quickly as it started. Good riddance. I am ready to be done. Today was a pretty long day again. I had web scripting in the morning, school work the rest of the day, and a usability meeting in the evening. When all of that was done, I had to go and find K and the crew as they were leaving the Lucky Lab. I am one sleepy puppy.

The Hellraiser project is pretty much wrapped up. I listened to it for the first time out loud without headphones here in the laboratory. Hmm. Yeah, pretty good I guess. My vocal recordings stink. I think the only acceptable vocals on the project are Pinhead’s lines. That’s a good start since he is the most important character in the Hellraiser mythology. My buddy Martin was there to listen to my work and he gave me some good advice. That’s it though. I can’t work on the Hellraiser project anymore. I have too many other things to do. I swear I will not touch the Hellraiser project at all tomorrow.

One second. Are any of you annoyed by the amount of spam that fills up our email boxes these days? I almost feel like never checking my home email address ever again. Okay let me go check it now. I haven’t look at it for two days. Alright I had 173 emails in my mail box and only 8 of them were emails from real people. I feel happy though because I got email from the lovely and powerful G and the quite pretty lady who I call Mom. There has been no G and no mom for so long around these parts! Peace out to both.

We have got a funk here at the Noodle house! Something totally reeks right now. Our house stinks! It’s kind of a rotten smell and we aren’t sure where it is coming from. Unfortunately our suspicions are leading us to believe that there may be something dead under the house. Oh god. See, crap like this didn’t happen when we lived on the second floor of the Belmont Dairy. I am really starting to think that we jumped into this whole home owner thing a little too soon. Renters can call the landlord and have him come and take the dead cat carcass away. I will keep you posted on the developments of the stink search.

Oh man. I have got to go to sleep. I am so flippin’ tired right now.

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