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animation taking forever

Saturday 12 June 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Man oh man, my animation project is taking forever! I worked on it all day again at school. I think I’ll work another half day with it tomorrow and that will have to be it. It’s starting to look really good and that is making me want to spend another week on it. I will have to complete it totally next term. I am running out of time this term.

Not much else happened with this guy today. I think I am going to go in and watch some Saturday Night Live now.

The Rose Festival was going on this week in Portland. Today was the Rose Parade. All the roads were shut down to let the people and the parade through so it was difficult getting to school in the morning to do my work. I was quite jealous of the people who had nothing better to do with their day than go to a parade.

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