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glad the weekend is over

Sunday 13 June 2004 - Filed under back 2 school

Hey there! Yes indeed. The weekend is winding down to a close. What a weird one. I looked over the last few entries and those posts seem so long ago. I’m glad the weekend is over it was too long and I spent too much time at school. I am looking forward to tomorrow so that I can start finishing off my classes.

The Hellraiser project is done and my Wild Pack of Family Dogs animation is in an acceptable enough state to turn in. The animation isn’t done but it’s as close as I am going to get now. I am definitely planning on finishing it some time. It looks really good so far. I think I am came to the conclusion today that I am doing all of my final projects this term three quarter assed. I am not putting forth a hundred percent but I am also not going at it half assed. Three quarter assed. Too much work and not enough time.

From inside the school building I saw that the Sun was out for most of the day. I think it is going to be in the 80s around midweek. That’s good. I need to get outside and mow that lawn once again. I need to get it down short before I head off to Europe. Ah yes and along those same lines, I need to get a haircut before I leave town also. I have got a lot of packing and preparing ahead of me.

All this school business for the term will be over by Thursday afternoon. I can’t wait! I have one more final exam and it’s tomorrow in my sound design class. I am sort of not looking forward to going to my multimedia and animation class. Hopefully it will be quick and painless. After those two classes, I am focusing on getting a final video edit done for my nonlinear editing class, then A web site redesign and report for information design, then a paper on XML for web scripting. Then that’s it!

It will be nice finally not thinking of these things.

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