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A move to Boise

Wednesday 13 February 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

What a lovely sunshine filled morning. My weekly walk will be awesome this afternoon. I’m a little afraid of going to the bank today. Bank hooligans are probably waiting outside of the doors to beat me to death with clubs when they see me.

Yesterday just flew by. I can’t believe how fast the day went. I kind of felt like I was just about ready to start working on some stuff and the day was over. I’m not sure where the time went or what I was doing to make it go so fast. I don’t think it was the dishes, although that did take up some of my time. Well I got up earlier this morning so that will add about an hour onto my day.

So my Mother and her husband are moving to Boise Idaho. That kind of stinks! The jobs in Baker City, Oregon dried up so he got a better gig in Boise. Good for them on already selling the Baker house. That was one of the things we were worried about, and just like that, no problem. I thought the kids were suppose to be the ones who left home for other states not the mothers! Well I guess it’s only a hour plane ride or 8 hour car ride so it’s still traveling distance.

Oh dear Lord, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Give me a break. Didn’t we just get done with Christmas? Oh come on honey, you know papa loves you. I didn’t have the money for real roses, just these plastic ones. No I think I’m going to sell my pocket watch for money to buy K a comb for her hair. K is going to sell her hair for money to buy me a chain for my pocket watch. Ha ha, oh us sad paupers.

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