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Early birthday dinner at the Farm

Saturday 19 June 2004 - Filed under 2004 Europe Trip

Ah yes. Another wonderfully long entry for the 2004 personal history Project. How’s it going? It’s going good around these parts. Hey, you know that if you check in here one of these days and it seems like I haven’t put a post down that means I am in Europe right? The posting will be going down on paper to be loaded onto the web when I get home. Perhaps I am being paranoid but I don’t want to say, “Yes, I will be leaving at such and such time, on such and such day, and I will be taking plane number, and I will be back at”.

Today was a magnificent day! The weather was wonderful! It was nice and sunny. I got out there and mowed the lawn down real short and then got a haircut where my hair was mowed down real short. The lawn looks good and I think my hair looks pretty good. What little there is left of both of them.

K and I then went out shopping to get supplies for my Europe trip. One of the items we went and got was a hat to cover my bald head and protect it from the Sun. I had to have a skateboarding cap. I decided that I would be living more of a lie if I got a baseball cap. I have never liked or watched baseball so I didn’t want to support the sport by advertising it on my head. Plus, people would be taking your hat as a sign that you liked whatever team you were supporting and use that as an excuse to talk to you. That happened a couple of times when I had my New York Yankees baseball cap. God I loved that hat though. Anyway, I got an Element skateboarding cap with a nice discreet logo of a tree on it. I am now supporting with my noggin, the sport that I have actually participated in and like.

On June 28th 1975, the majestic, beautiful, and all knowing K was born. We went out to dinner this evening to start her birthday celebrating. One of us will be in Europe on her actual birthday so we had to observe it early. This will be the first birthday of K’s that I have missed in 12 years. Man oh man, we are getting old. We went to dinner at a newer restaurant here called the Farm. It was very good. The food was excellent. The Farm gets the Noodle seal of approval.

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